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Click here to see an example of the page generated by PicScripter


Basic Instructions:

PicScripter is an application that will assist you in generating web pages that display pictures.



How to use

  1. Start PicScripter.
  2. Use the Load Picture button to select a folder of pictures from your hard drive that will be listed in the window.
  3. All pictures are automatically selected for display. Deselect pictures as necessary. Use the Options menu to deselect all pictures.
  4. Pictures can be reordered in the display by dragging the picture name up or down in the list.
  5. Captions for the pictures can be added by clicking on the space to the right of the picture file name.
  6. You may determine the number of thumbnail columns by entering a number in the Thumb Cols. field. The default is one column.
  7. Add a title to your web page by entering it in the Bookmark field.
  8. Add a heading to your web page by entering it in the Page Header field.
  9. Click on the Page Color box to select a background color for your web page.
  10. The Rotate Clockwise button will rotate the selected picture 90 degrees. This has no effect on the original picture, but only the stored pictured. If you use the Save Scaled Pictures button or the Save Pics and Page button, then any rotations will be saved in those pictures.
  11. All other fields can be ignored. If you are familiar with HTML and javascript, you probably know what these fields will do. If not, don't worry about it! :-)
  12. Pressing the Save Pics and Page button will scale the pictures and generate a page into whatever folder you select.
  13. Open the folder containing the generated page and open the index.html file with any web browser to view your work.
  14. Use the Clear button to erase the window and start on a new web page.

Release notes:

Version 2.0

Version 1.9.2

Version 1.9.1

Version 1.9

Version 1.5

Version 1.4

Version 1.5

PLEASE! Feel free to contact me with any questions or problems you might have.